It was the cancellation of the '94 World Series that took me to the edge...the catalyst for the Official Sports Fan Union...the NBA Lockout in '98 pushed me right over...the launch of!

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Ladies and Gentlemen...the original "Mad As Hell Fan In America" and Founding M.A.H.F.I.A. Member...Commando Dave...Point Man of the FANS REVOLUTION @ Callin' 'em like I see 'em & tellin' it like it is!

  • A Call To Arms!
  • Back To The Dark Ages
  • Back To The Dark Ages II
  • Back To The Dark Ages III
  • Back To The Dark Ages IV
  • Back To The Dark Ages V
  • Back To The Dark Ages VI
  • Back To The Dark Ages VII
  • Back To The Dark Ages VIII

  • BLOC Vote = REAL Fan Power
  • Challenging The Challenge
  • Declaration of Inter-dependence
  • Democracy, Money, Politics & Sports
  • From Protest To Initiative!
  • Gallow$ As In Gallow$way
  • Gotta Build a Stadium, Park, or Arena?
  • Greed Is NOT A Good Third Player!

  • Hey Rod! Get Real!
  • I-950: That's Drawing A Line!
  • I Fought The Law And The Law Won
  • I Gotta Be The Man
  • I'm Gonna Be The Man
  • I Shot The Sheriff
  • It's In The Fans' Hands, Not Selig's!

  • Lemmings vs. Cold Turkeys!
  • Look Who's Talkin'
  • M.A.H.F.I.A.: Mad As Hell Fans In America
  • March Madness to April Foolishness
  • Million Fan March
  • Million Is The Magic Number
  • Mission: Impossible?
  • MLB: Money Loves Baker
  • Most Powerful People In Sports Are Sitting On Their Butts
  • New Face? Same Face!

  • Old Deal, New Deal Economics 101
  • Place And Time To Draw The Line!
  • Poli$port$Biz
  • Power Of The Ballot
  • PTI: Pardon The Insanity!
  • "Public/Private Partnership" Fairy Tale
  • Quarterback Controversy? Try Quarterback Curse!

  • Reform Is Revolution
  • Skeletons Outta The Closet
  • So, bye-bye Mr. American Pie
  • St. Valentine's Day Massacre II
  • Stadium Madne$$ In Seattle
  • Ten To The Sixth Power
  • Tickets Are "The Ticket"
  • Time To Turn Results Into Action
  • Twenty-first Century Sports Town
  • You The Man!

  • Purchase Seattle Seahawks tickets
    and watch as they go for a division title against the
    St Louis Rams

    What is gonna take YOU over??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????