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Posted Monday/March 8, 1999; 8:01 a.m. PST

Remember the TV commercial a few years back where grade-school kids in a spelling bee were trying to spell "Wausau"? After a couple of students misspelled, a little boy steps to the mike and spells it correctly. After his accomplishment, he explains, "There's an 'wa' in the beginning, a 'usa' in the middle, and a 'u' on the end," or something like that, right?

Well, whether you remember it or not, neither "THAT kid, RIGHT there" nor any other spelling bee champ in the country could spell "Poli$port$Biz." In fact, you could ask college students from east to west how to spell Poli$port$Biz, and they wouldn't have a clue. You could even help them by asking how many letter "S" are in the word Poli$port$Biz. If they say "two," they would be incorrect because there are no letter "S" in the word Poli$port$Biz; they've become dollar signs.

The NBA lockout made it crystal clear Once And For All that the "Games of Sport" are mercilessly sandwiched between politics and business. As sports tries to push its way out of a rugby scrum against the two forces, the pressure on the "S" has caused them to grow "bull market" horns. Politics and business each grabbed a dollar sign. The result is Poli$port$Biz. However, unlike the comforting assurance of the insurance company's commercial, there's no "us" or "we" in Poli$port$Biz, only "them."

So it is on that (with "Cosell-like 'THAT man, RIGHT there' enthusiasm") premise this Site was founded and dedicated to WeTheFans.


The sports world
misses the greatest
voice it ever had.

It was not only the greatest voice in sports; it was the greatest voice of sports.

It was the greatest voice because it was the voice of a great Fan of sports.

When things got out of control in sports, it was always the first voice to speak up and speak out! Usually the voice was also the "last" to speak out.

Well, things are way out of control! And in tribute to
Howard Cosell,
is the voice that is speaking up speaking out, and speaking last!

Howard Cosell

Gotta favorite
Cosell memory?

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