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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is only targeting four sports?
Although there are “Fan problems” associated with most sports, is committed to focusing on “the core.” With the core of sports being the four majors, we will remain focused on making an impact that should cause a ripple that benefits all other sports.

2. Don't you need money?
Let’s face it, the thing that has caused the problems in sports is money. The one thing the owners and players understand above all is money. The one thing they both respect is money. The one thing that will make the Fans’ voice to be heard is money. But first things first. As Fans, we must be united, organized, great in numbers, and have the power of action behind us. That power of action equals money! Without it, neither the leagues nor the players will believe that the Fans really have the legitimate means of balancing the power and therefore will keep abusing it.

3. Why should the leagues listen to a Website?
The Website is only the “message,” the members are “the messengers.” The leagues will have to respect a united, organized, cyber-army of messengers delivering their message through the medium of the Site. The NBA Lockout opened the door to the newest sports term, “fan friendliness.” Since's message to the leagues is how to become friendlier with the Fans, they will have to listen.

4. Isn’t “Fan Power” a little far fetched?
Absolutely! But only “conceptually” since there has never been such a thing. However, when the concept is taken to its most logical conclusion, it’s not far fetched at all. It’s very possible! The designated hitter, the three-point shot, and the two-point conversion were merely wild concepts at one time. They weren’t always part of the game. Now that they are vital parts. Fan Power is a concept whose time has come! It is a vital part of the game of Poli$port$Biz. is your ticket to participate in and drive the newest game in sports!

5. Is a political organization?
Not exactly. is a Website based on the principles that govern the United States of America. These principles are the accepted, established, and proven guidelines of “political thought” that determine the operation of the Site. These guidelines are derived from the United States Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. Beyond that, the politics is concerned about is that of the relationship between the owners, the players, and the Fans.

6. Why do fans need a revolution if the Lockout is over?
The NBA Lockout’s ending, merely signaled the need for balancing the power in all sports. The NBA Lockout is over “for now.” A MLB strike could be festering. The NFL and NHL may have labor troubles on the horizon the Fans are not privy to, yet. It’s become a cycle. All sports fans know we need a revolution! How many really want to make a difference is the key.

7. What is the difference between and
In a word, “approach.” is an extremely needed movement that is more involved in lobbying congress and pursuing legal channels. is an organization that promotes ACTION like game and TV boycotts. needs the “outside” help of its members. The Site must live “off” the Internet as well as on it. The presence of the FANS REVOLUTION must be felt “face to face.” That’s where the “power of action” comes in. is committed to creating and maintaining as “many opportunities as possible” for members to take part in fun, exciting, and high-level, power-balancing “Fan Action.”

8. Will the Union have “Union Reps?”
Yes. That is how nationally agreed upon Fan Actions will be carried out locally.

9. What is the “Million Fan March”?
The Ultimate Level of Success for! A Million M.A.H.F.I.A. Members provides the ultimate in credibility, recognition, financial ability, and power of action to “without a doubt” effect the change to balance the power. Balancing the power will enable all sports fans to economically, enjoyably, and safely exercise their rights to view major sports in the 21st Century while the owners and players remain highly, yet adequately paid.

10. What if the Site doesn’t reach it’s goal?
We won’t stop until we do!!

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