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Mission: Impossible?

Posted Monday/March 8, 1999; 8:01 a.m. PST

Remember the beginning of EVERY Mission Impossible show? If you're not old enough, then the movie will have to do. Jim Phelps would start the tape recorder and listen as
Jim Phelps
the voice would say, "Your mission, Jim, should you decide to accept it..." Jim would look over the IMPOSSIBLE MISSION that his IMF team (Impossible Missions Force) would confront. The head of the elite agency would then watch as the evidence of the mission, self-destructed. Phelps and the IMF were always on their own. Then, Phelps (Ethan Hunt if
Ethan Hunt
you’re not old enough) and crew would expertly devise a plan which when executed perfectly, would overthrow greed and power abuse. is the 90’s version of the 60’s tape player (Don't worry, your computer won't start smoking), WeTheFans are the IMF , on our own and on the move against greed and power abuse. The Mission of the FANS REVOLUTION has been outlined, the plan has been expertly devised, and the perfect execution will make the “Misson: Possible!” Join us. Jim and Ethan would be greatly disappointed if the Fans didn't accept the mission of thwarting the plutocratic coup d'etat of the sports world.

Mission: Possible!

The SBN is coming!