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The Tickets Are "The Ticket"

Posted Monday/March 8, 1999; 8:01 a.m. PST

In the world of sports, there are "Game Fans" and "TV Fans." All Fans are WeTheFans, since WeTheFans are commited to All Fans. However, IT IS ABSOLUTELY IMPERATIVE that the Game Fans be on the FRONT LINE of the FANS REVOLUTION! There are exactly 555,166 seats that match the stubs of season, package, and single game tickets in the 29 NBA arenas. For the voice of WeTheFans to be heard LOUD and CLEAR, the single-most important BLOCK VOTE will come from the Game Fans that fill the arenas.

Sure, the owners make money from the TV packages, but it's the ticket prices that have the most direct correlation to the business of sports. First of all, it's the ticket prices that keep going up. Yea, the TV money keeps going up too, but you can't feel that sitting at home on your sofa. But when you buy a ticket one year that costs so much more than last year, you feel it immediately! Especially in the case of season tickets, since the owners require them to be purchased early AND at one time.

Second, once that "over-priced" ticket is torn, the owners have you WORSE than the airport does when we pass the metal detector! Everything we buy is outrageously priced! Then, to make matters ridiculous, we're in there cheering our heads off as if NONE of our money was even spent! Or is that how we release the stress from spending all of that dough?

The bottom line is, if you take the Fans out of the game there is no game! Imagine an "empty arena." Think about a collective vote of 555,166 ticket buying Members to "boycott" a night of games. Remember what happened to the Wicked Witch of the West when Dorothy threw water on her? That's EXACTLY what would (will) happen to each and every player on both teams when they came running out of the locker room looking for the crowd to energize them! Impossible? Not if the FANS REVOLUTION comes strong with season ticket holders, package ticket buyers, and single game ticket purchasers.

Wicked Witch

The Game Fans will be on the front line, but TV Fans will "seal the victory" for the FANS REVOLUTION. Not only is there safety in numbers, there's POWER in 'em! TV Fans complete the team of WeTheFans! That's what the "We" means! We who let the games come to us. TheFans who love sports and its legends of the past. TheFans who have supported its growth. TheFans who have watched that growth turn into an ATTITUDE that has brought sports to the brink of disaster!

Disaster? Yep, we all know it! BIG MONEY has CHANGED EVERYTHING. We all know why NBA Commish David Stern said, "I can tell you, this union leadership stymies us. Russ (Granik, Deputy Commissioner) and I, for something over 50 years combined, we've been able to negotiate with every other combination of executive directors and presidents in the history of this union. And lawyers. And somehow, we are unable to have a conversation that gets us any negotiation." Why? THE MONEY!

They COULD do deals with, "every other combination of executive directors and presidents in the history of this union" because: 1) Those players loved the game and appreciated being paid to play; 2) The money and lifestyle was great, but not outlandish. They COULDN'T do a deal for 191 days for the first time in "history" because: 1) These players love the money and appreciate the party after the game; 2) The money and lifestyle are greatly outlandish!

The money has led to an attitude that has culminated in the "thumbing of the noses" by professional athletes to the Fans who enable them to be professional (VERY LOOSE term in many instances) athletes. Choking your coach, spitting in an umpire's face, and talking about selling one of your eight cars is an attitude that says, "HA, HA, HA, HA, HA peons!"

Michael Corleone
The lockout was 191 days of the Fans watching the owners and players thumbing their "collective bargaining" noses at us. Arguing about $2,000,000,000 is GREEDY ARROGANCE OF GARGANTUAN PROPORTION and like Kay Corleone told her husband, Don Michael, "This must all end!" So how does sports keep from going over the brink? "The Ticket!"

Let's Vote

We’ve all heard the phrase, “Put up or shut up.”

Doesn’t that mean once you “put up” you get to KEEP TALKING?

In sports it’s ALWAYS BEEN, “Put up AND shut up!”

As long as we buy the tickets, the only way we can be heard is after a good play.

Now is the time to “Be heard THEN put up, or NOT.”
The SBN will be the ticket.