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Time To Turn Results Into Action

Updated Monday/July 26, 1999; 11:47 a.m. PDT

We know, We know! ACTION comes first, then results; until NOW. The results we're referring to come from all the "polls" we keep seeing and hearing. The polls that we all keep responding to for the heck of it. They don't really mean anything. They don't really do anything. They don't calculate "action." They are just "results." Results that WeTheFans can turn into action!

What difference did it make four months ago that 62.7 percent of sports fans didn't care if the NBA season is canceled? None, right? But NOW when 62.7 percent of sports fans are members of, united and voting on relevant issues in the sports world, expecting to be heard, it WILL matter A LOT, don't you think?

What did it mean three months ago when 37.4 percent of NBA fans polled vowed to buy less tickets should the season ever get started? We think you would agree, nothing! But NOW when 37.4 percent of NBA fans have a collective voice, it will REALLY mean something, right?

Who really knows if the 46.8 percent of NBA fans polled who stated over two months ago they would attend fewer games once the lockout is over actually will? But NOW, if 46.8 percent of NBA fans send a united, collective vote message to the NBA it could seriously affect ticket prices couldn't it?

The polls are good to get a nationwide pulse. They've been great at gauging public sentiment. The polls have been phenomenal for getting "the mindset." But without action, they are just more numbers. The six month lockout of the NBA has convinced us that NOW is the time to turn the results of the polls' numbers into the action that will undoubtedly give the Fans a voice. Do you realize the Power of 1,000,000 NBA fans collectively voicing our position?

David Stern understands "Fan Power," or at least acknowledges its "potential." When asked about regaining fan interest after the lockout, the NBA commissioner said, "It will be an extraordinary amount of work. We will have to almost beg their indulgence." Now come on, can you see Commissioner Stern, the NBA's most powerful man "begging"? Heck no, neither can we! But the power of WeTheFans would make him have to at least say, "Uncle!" The time is now! The "Post NBA Lockout Era" is the perfect time for WeTheFans to make our move.


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--David Stern

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The SBN is coming!