The BLACK CRUSH Blackout Petitions have been coming in from all across America...the statements are pretty much the same: FANS ARE MAD AS HELL!...the Internet is the MEANS for Fans to MAKE A CHANGE..."Blacking out Blackouts" is the MOTIVE Fans have in 2004...this season is a ANOTHER OPPORTUNITY for Fans to step in and shake things up...the BLACK CRUSH Blackout Petition is a "Fan chain-letter" that CAN WORK...the Power of 10 is the POWER OF THE INTERNET...10 to the 5th Power is 100,000...100,000 times the 32 NFL cities is 3.2 MILLION Fans DEMANDING TO BE HEARD...HOW MAD ARE YOU?








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M.A.H.F.I.A.: Mad As Hell Fans In America

Updated Thursday/August 7, 2004; 10:34 a.m. PDT

The ABSOLUTE ONLY WAY that the madness (except for "March Madness") will stop is with a FANS REVOLUTION! WeTheFans uniting, organizing, and having a voice at the table. So just like the "fed up with it" people in the movie "Network," it's time that we (YES, WE!) the Mad As Hell Fans In America stick our "collective heads" out of the window and SCREAM (Like we're at a (FILL IN YOUR TEAM) championship game!), "WE'RE MAD AS HELL AND NOT GONNA TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Now, if you're not MAD AS HELL, then you probably aren't the Fan is talking about and this site is DEFINITELY NOT for you. is looking for fans that are SICK and TIRED of being SICK and TIRED of the "outrageous actuality" of billionaires bickering with multi-millionaires about the BILLIONS that we control. If that is you, then bookmark this site RIGHT NOW. Better yet, go directly to FANS REVOLUTION and become a M.A.H.F.I.A. Member!

Start Spreadin the News! is where results will turn into action! is where the FANS REVOLUTION begins! If you are a "Fellow-Fed-Up Fan" who is MAD AS HELL (about all major sports, not just the NBA!), then in the words of the late, great Frank Sinatra, "START SPREADIN' THE NEWS..." and get excited about the (Fan)atical role you (yes, YOU) are about to play in the FANS REVOLUTION!


Aren't you ready
for the
to stop?
Alfred E. Newman







Are you MAD enough to MAKE SOMETHING HAPPEN?...MAD enough to be a "Sports Revolutionary?"...MAD enough to use the Power of the Internet?...MAD enough to GET ON THE BUS?...MAD enough to PUT YOUR MONEY WHERE YOUR MADNESS IS?