Baseball owners have been at the ready...lying in wait to see what the players will do...the players are making their move and now IT'S ON!...old battle lines will become deeper as the season goes along...Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo...WHAT ARE THE FANS GONNA DO?...We JUST CAN'T sit and watch with "20/20 vision wearing 19/94 glasses in 2002!" WE JSUT CAN'T!!!!! 100,000 REAL-DEAL-HOLYFIELD BASEBALL FANS IN EACH MLB CITY IS THE BEGINNING OF FAN TAKING A STAND AND ENTRENCHING OUR POSITION! is RALLYING Fans because "We Love Baseball!"

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Challenging The Challenge

Posted Friday/May 17, 2001; 12:12 p.m. PDT

Doin' Seattle New York Style
Mad Matt da Man
There's nothing more fun than a good rabble rouser, is there? So a "Standing O-Fan Shoutout" to Matt Villano of Seattle (by way of da Bronx). This FANATIC (NEVER forget, that's what "Fan" is short for.) single-handedly whipped Marinerville into a frenzy with "one simple challenge." You've GOTTA love the Fan PASSION that burst out on radio and in print. Villano's forum the Seattle Weekly wrote last week, " the Weekly inundated with more mail than ANYONE here can EVER remember getting..." But in the words of Allen Iverson, "Why are we talking about practice?"

Matt's Posse
Bronx-led Bombers

Seattle Fans got their "Fanhood" called out. But that was practice and hopefully everyone is ready for the game now. With no labor agreement in place and Forbes Magazine "busting baseball with Bud," getting THAT PASSIONATE about issues other than "collective bargaining" is practice. Here's the "Game Challenge." It's not new. It's the same challenge we put out a week before Opening Day. In fact, it's the same challenge we started last season. CHALLENGES 100,000 Seattle baseball Fans to rally behind the "All-Star Fan Protest" by joining the "We Love Baseball Line Drive," then CHALLENGING Fans (via Internet, sports radio, etc.) in the other 29 MLB cities to do the same, thereby being the catalyst for 3 million Fans (MOMENTUM like that could roll to 30 million FAST) DEMANDING Fan Representation at the Collective Bargaining Table, thus providing the BADLY NEEDED "Third Party" in the HOPELESSLY DEADLOCKED negotiations between the owners and players. What better way of celebrating the 25th year of Mariner baseball, than by going down in history as the city that started it all? Gametime!

Will he walk it?

Matt Villano, sees your challenge and RAISES you a challenge. Get in the real game, Baby! Take your victory to another level!! You've shown that ONE FAN can make a difference!!! Challenge 100,000 Mariner/Yankee/Seattle/Baseball Fans to help make a difference!!!! YOU LOVE BASEBALL!!!!! WE LOVE BASEBALL!!!!!! LET'S FIND 99,998 OTHER FANATICS THAT LOVE AND WANT TO SAVE IT by getting the ball rolling!!!!!!! And speaking of FANATICS...

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Cards are on the table...Mariner Fans...Yankee Fans...BASEBALL Fans EVERYWHERE...if the Seattle Weekly got "...more [letters] than WTO and more than the Palestinian conflict...,"...then the ENGERY is there to be channelled in the right direction...Ten years ago the Mariners WOULD HAVE BEEN CONTRACTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...Seattle Fan, would YOU have fought for them THEN? Today the Mariners are one of the hottest teams in baseball...Seattle Fan, will you fight for them NOW???????????? It's the 25th Anniversary Season...NOTHING to loose...EVERYTHING to gain!