If the Seahawks are playing a helluva game in Seattle, what sense does it make for their Fans to be watching a game in Oakland?

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NFL: Back To The Dark Ages II

Posted Monday/October 8, 2001; 11:37 a.m. PDT

WOW! What a run by Shaun Alexander!
Touchdown: Shaun Alexander!

The first quarter of the NFL season for the Seattle Seahawks is in the books. Week One: Seahawk Fans saw a "squeak by" win in Cleveland against the Browns. Week Two: Hawk Fans were "treated" to a blowout at the wings of the Philadelphia Eagles; courtesy of the ONE TIME AND ONE TIME ONLY blackout lift. Week Three: Fans watched an "AFC West Farewell Tour ass kickin'" in Oakland by da RAAAAAIDERRRS! Week Four: Seattle Seahawk Fans watched the horseless Cowboys get hog-tied in Oakland, instead of the Hawks' impressive win over the "Husky-back-home led" Jacksonville Jaguars IN Seattle. What's wrong with that picture? It's blacked out, that's what!

WOW! Did you see that pass?
Trent Dilfer back to pass.

All summer long, Seattle Seahawk Fans were repeatedly hit (Piling on is still a penalty, isn't it?) by the team's "We Like Our Chances" TV and radio spots. [It seems the organization has already forgotten it's UNforgettable ads.] Then during the Hawks' four pre-season games, the announcers relentlessly (AND shamelessly, we might add) tried to get Fans to look past the 2001 Seahawks and buy tickets for the 2002 Seahawks. Yesterday's BIG win against the Jags on TV, would probably have been worth ten times the marketing budget to date. Who doesn't want to see 395 yards of Seahawk offense? When's the last time Hawk Fans saw 176 yards on the ground? The NFL Blackout Rule "Prevent-Deed" the Seattle Seahawks from entertaining their A-List customers, with a three-hour infomercial of its product, wrapped in the "good stuff." What's wrong with that picture? EXACTLY!

WOW! What a hit!
BIG HIT by Levon Kirkland!

"Market conditions" shifted for the Seahawks, but the NFL prevented them from taking advantage of the change. Trent Dilfer and Shaun Alexander in the line-up gave the team a completely new look, but the Hawks couldn't show it to the Seattle (hungry-for-an-action-packed-exciting-win) market. Seattle's best game this season was seen only by the die-hard Fans in Husky Stadium, that will probably be in the new stadium too. But those aren't the only Fans that NEEDED to see that game. Nor are they the only Fans the Seahawks are "liking their chances" of filling up the new stadium with. Only 54,524 Fans saw Sunday's HUGE Seahawks win. As disappointing as they've played up to yesterday, THAT'S A SELL OUT!

NFL Fans, we've GOTTA get this ruled changed!! So get with the WeTheFans.com "Turn ON The Lights, The Party's Over" Campaign!

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Fans, taxpayers, and voters get new football stadiums constructed. Yet, the NFL prevents some of the games played, to be viewed on TV. If the Seattle Seahawks NEVER sell out and NEVER on TV, shouldn't the NFL kick in the taxpayers' share?