All season long, baseball Fans heard about the "collective bargaining issues"...for most of the season, baseball Fans held their breath while being taken down to the last minute to avert a strike...for the end of the season, baseball Fans can MAKE A MEMORABLE MOMENT by pushing the "ABC of Fan Issues"...30 has been We The Fans' MAGIC NUMBER all season long...30 MLB markets with 100,000 Fans backing the We Love Baseball Ballot II equals 3 MILLION FANS...3,000,000 Fans BLACKING OUT a designated MasterCard Memorable Moment will get Major League Baseball's attention unlike ANY Fan Movement this season...with the POWER of 10...30 MILLION FANS can force a revoke of the Anti-trust exemption...30 MILLION FANS can force Bud Selig's resignation...30 MILLION FANS can force Pete Rose to be put on the Hall of Fame Ballot...A...B...C...Fans...TV is the REAL POWER for Fans to stike, boycott, blackout, or whatever you want to call it...let's make it a season of 31 MOST MEMORABLE MOMENT!

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Anti-Trust Exemption. Should it be revoked?

Bud Selig. Should he resign?

Cincinnati's Pete Rose. Should he be in the Hall of Fame?

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POWERED BY is a "Poli$port$Biz" site registering voters to get involved in the Politics/Business of Sports...and just like the politicians say, "EVERY VOTE counts"..."EVERY FAN will count!"...thank you for supporting the "We Love Baseball Ballot II"