After CRUNCHING the numbers this season, we arrive at Super Bowl XXXVIII with them pointing to New England.

This is where it all started four years ago, Charting the TOUGHEST DIVISION. And three of those four seasons, the team from the WINNINGEST DIVISION has won the Super Bowl. The AFC East won 36 games during the 2003 season. The NFC South won 31. Advantage New England.

Throughout the POWER (Weeks 8-17) half of the season, Carolina was the #2 TOP GUN when the list started, but only made it one other time; Week 12. New England on the other hand became the #3 TOP GUN in Week 9, #2 for Weeks 10-13 and finished out the season at #1. As far as ROCKIN' ROLLIN' goes, the Panthers ended the season on a three game run, but New England was the only team in the NFL to ROCKIN' ROLL every single week from 8-17. VERY IMPRESSIVE. Advantage New England.

Advantage New England as the ONLY team in the NFL to go UNbeaten the entire season with an 8-0 home record.