If you like what you hear & see...please fill out the interest form and we'll get you hooked up and JAMMIN' with the Dawgs ASAP...THANK YOU!...OH YEA...this CD is actually the "demo"...that's the BEAUTY of DIGITAL AUDIO...we saved some stuff for the final cut...so anyone trying to "bootleg the bootleg" is:...1. Jackin' the Groz w/Gas-Athon!...2. Gonna miss the REALLY FUNNY & JAMMIN' download of the "The Husky Honk JAM!: Dawg Mix!!"...3. TRIPPIN'!!!


The clips sound good and the lyrics look funny. Yea, I'll kick out ten bucks to get it.

It would be cool to get The Husky Honk JAM! in this format:

My name is...

My Dawg name is...


Email me @

I've gotta know more about the Groz w/Gas-Athon!

How about some info on "Nellie's Nutty Army" too.

If I get FREE Husky Honk JAM! "REMIXES," let me know ASAP when they come out!

My favorite Sports Bar is DEFINITELY (...........), because...

I heard about The Husky Honk JAM! from...

Oh yea, I like to pay with:


DIGITAL COMMANDOS enjoyed producing The Husky Honk JAM!...the only thing MORE fun will be making a BIG FAT DONATION to the Groz w/Gas-Athon...because Husky Fans are JAMMIN' to the GROOVE!...C.D.