Point Man
Bulzi Marketing Group
March 1999 - Present
Consulting various companies on "commandeering market share" through strategy innovation. Researching, developing, and producing Bull's-eye Marketing Strategies for companies in various industries. Created, developing, writing, "The Commando Code: 13 steps to Revolutionary Achievement." Challenging Nautilus, Inc. to adhere to its Code of Business Conducts and Ethics in a business documentary/VIRTUAL REALITY SHOW called,"GOIN' ALL IN!"

Sports Marketing Maverick. Developed, wrote, produced and launched Head of the M.A.H.F.I.A. Author of over 50 "Poli$port$Biz" articles. Wrote the Fans Declaration of Inter-Dependence. Head of the Fans Bureau of Instigation. Created, wrote, and produced over 100 editions of "Say What?," a top Internet Sports Comic Strip. Front page story of the News Tribune Sports Page. Produced the We Love Baseball Road Trip. Guest on 11 radio shows; featured in 10 news articles. MAJOR SCREEN TIME on ESPN's Pardon The Interruption. Created and marketing the Sports Bar Network. Wrote, recorded and produced the First Sports Cyber CD, The Husky Jam. Created and produced "Iraq Hold 'Em" the World's Only Life & Death Poker Game; most comprehensive Most Wanted Iraqis information on the Internet. Created, produced, and launched for the Most Feared Man in Sports...John Clayton DAMMIT! Created, produced, and launched Commando Dave's Show, the Internet's Only Poli$port$Biz Show: "Colliding Old & New Media."