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Former NBA referee Tim Donaghy could have gotten 33 months, but was sentenced to only 15. That doesn't even cover the "integrity of the game" debate. Michael Vick, was sentenced to 23 months for a "non-integrity of the game, non-football-related" crime. Mike Vick was merely a player, Tim Donaghy was an "NBA Official."

By accepting a $45 million buy-out of the Sonics' lease, Seattle's mayor simply wrote off Sonics fans, Howard Schultz's lawsuit and Lower Queen Anne businesses. Then a week later, appearing on sports radio for the first time since the settlement, he effortlessly wrote off bombastic on-duty radio host Dave Mahler.

TIME! 7.31.08. 716 days flat. It happened so fast, Seattle Sonic fans can't believe it. Amid all the speculation, conjecture, lines, between-the-lines, lies, half-truths, denials and non-denial-denials, today the Seattle Sonics are offically not the Seattle Sonics. One year, 11 months and 15 days after Howard Schultz sold the team to Clayton Bennett...tick...tick...tick...SONIC BOOM!

Everyone knows the word "fan" is short for "fanatic." Ironically, there actually are very few Real Fans. Very few! How few? During a sold out Sonics game in Key Arena, 17,000 fans are in the house. At a rally outside the courthouse, on the opening day of a historic sports/lease case, ONLY 3,000 fanatics showed up.

Was the season of last year's Opening Day the most controversial ever? Will the crazy off-season fallout make this season even more controversial? Either way, there should be no argument, the MOST controversial season was the one that began with Opening Day 1994.


The Associated Press
March 26, 2008

NBA commissioner David Stern on Tuesday shot down a proposal by a group of Seattle businessmen seeking to renovate KeyArena in order to keep the Sonics in the city...STORY>>>

On March 8, 1971, Smokin' Joe Fraizer became the undisputed heavyweight champion with a victory over Muhammad Ali in New York's Madison Square Garden. On March 8, 1999, became the heavyweight champion of Sports Fans with its victorious launch onto the World Wide Web.

How many of these hearings is there going to be on steroid use in baseball, when there was no rule against steroid use in baseball, because the MLB Players Union is so strong? All the stars keep showing up. Now it's Roger Clemens' red rover-red rover turn, on the BIG shot, white hot, "Merry-Go-Round seat."


The NFL's anti-trust exemption? REALLY? That's Senator Arlen Spector's justification for wanting to meet with Roger Goodell and re-open the Patriot's Act of espionage? Why not investigate something truly worthy of Senate intervention, that actually has to do with the NFL's anti-trust exemption? Something like NFL BLACKOUTS! Get into the real game Senator Spector.

Nearly four years later, all the nonsense over the Super Bowl XXXVIII halftime show came down to what I call "indecent indecency." A federal appeals court threw out the $550,000 the agency imposed on CBS and ruled that the FCC violated its own standards for what constitutes indecency. WHAT? SEE: GOOGLE

The Sonics may have been the team that got blown out of Seattle, but with David Stern's Gotti-like tactics, this could happen to any team in virtually any of the other 29 NBA cities. The commissioner has a fudiciary responsiblity to the owners, but doesn't he have a greater responsibility to the "benefit of the league?"

Now that Sen. Arlen Specter has finally exited (with a whimper) the stage after his grandstanding on "Spygate," Rep. Linda Sanchez has entered stage right. Specter was chasing ghosts, Sanchez is on the trail of a real issue; the NFL's pension plan.

THE MAN: 600!
If you are Ken Griffey, Jr., one season you're "The Kid," because you look, play and act like one. The next thing you know, you're one of six men to ever hit 600 career homers. Man, what a career!

Word has it Howard Schultz is mad. Mad at Clayton Bennett for tricking him into selling the Sonics for $140 million more than he paid five years ago. In other words, approximately $50 million more than the estimated value, so Schultz is mad enough to file a lawsuit.

Everything is a matter of perspective. Some see controversy here, others see controvery there. I don't like the cover. The photo doesn't exactly have LeBron striking a pose that fits the magazine or the song. But my main beef isn't with the photo, it's with the stats of the photo.

College basketball fans vividly remember the start of the Iraq War. How could we ever forget how it followed us with constant updates, while we tried to escape its "madness" by watching the NCAA Tournament? FIVE YEARS AGO! So in support of the troops and protest against the war, allow me to go on another rant.

CERTAIN EXCLUSCIONS MAY APPLY . Is it just me, or when you see a tag like this, attached to a pair of Chuck Taylors, in one of the biggest athletic shoe chains in America, do you think for ONE SECOND, buying a single pair is a "certain exclusion?"

Senator Specter is sidestepping the real issue, so I'll keep the pedal to the metal. The NFL's anti-trust exemption is the root of NFL blackouts. The $2.7 millon-per second pricetag for Super Bowl XLII commercials most likely will not drop by the time Super Bowl XLIII. Let's see what Senator Specter does by then. I know what I'm gonna do!

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