BLACK CRUSH is a rallying point for NFL Fans to blackout commercials of ANY NFL game possible in protest of the NFL Blackout Policy...this is a TV policy and the ONLY way it can be abolished is with TV action...BLACKING OUT commercials will send a RED FLAG to NFL sponsors of how ECONOMICALLY RIDICULOUS the policy is from the Fans' viewpoint...from local TV to cable TV to DirecTV to National Rights back to Local Rights...Fans are PAYING to watch and GREENBACKS trump blackouts...WHY pay for TV if you can't see what you want to see?...BLACK CRUSH brings FAN RIGHTS to the table via TV...TV is where the POWER is and 250,000 Fans BLACKING OUT COMMERCIALS in any given market will be a show of FAN POWER the sponsors WILL respect...250,000 Fans BLACKING OUT commercials in 32 NFL markets will CRUSH THE NFL BLACKOUT POLICY!


Should the NFL Blackout Rule be abolished?

And this is what I have to say about it...

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Referred by is a "Poli$port$Biz" organization registering voters to get involved in the Politics/Business of the politicians say, "EVERY VOTE counts"..."EVERY FAN will count!"..thank you for supporting BLACK CRUSH the NFL Blackout Petition...


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